Free classes for Catholic married couples

This program is currently over please check out for more classes.

The Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning is a modern and effective method of fertility awareness for avoiding or achieving pregnancy. Catholic married couples are eligible for a special offering of free classes, which include a one hour introductory group class, and individual follow-up through one full year. Availability is for a limited time: register now!

This limited offering is made available by the generosity of Catholic Couples NFP sponsored by the St. Augustine Foundation.

Avoid or achieve pregnancy without side effects, medications, or devices

98-99% effective for avoiding pregnancy

Share the responsibility of family planning as husband and wife

Have current research supporting the science

Work with a healthcare professional

Learn to integrate your combined fertility into your life as a Catholic couple


Whole Mission's primary goal is to increase access to instructors and classes for couples wishing to practice the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning.