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Highs and Peaks: October Update

We have recently contracted with three instructors-in-training as they complete the practicum requirements for becoming fully-fledged Marquette Method instructors! If you register for the discounted class option, you will have the opportunity to learn NFP with one of these fabulous women, while you also help them build their skills, and give them practice teaching, to become experts in fertility awareness education.

Our three new instructors are Lisa Gesterling from Colorado, Kristi Olson from Michigan, and Ashley Klein, from Michigan. If you’re interested in signing up for a class with one of them, you can check out the “individual class” option and look for the discounted class.

If you’re nervous about learning with a new teacher, don’t fear! They have been trained to work with couples in all stages of fertility, from regular cycles, to postpartum, to perimenopause. They also have the support of the researchers at the Marquette University Institute for Natural Family Planning, and meet regularly with their preceptors to discuss any questions, and continue to grow in knowledge and expertise of the intricacies of the female menstrual cycle.

If you know this discounted class isn’t right for you, we have six more amazing instructors with years of experience teaching couples the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning, and they offer both group and individual classes to help you get started. Follow up is included for all of our class options, so you can move forward learning NFP knowing that you won’t be alone as you learn more about your body to meet your reproductive goals!

You can get to know the instructors of Whole Mission a little better here, and you can follow us on social media to hear more about them, and possibly see what they are up to locally! Instagram: @whole.mission

Facebook: @wholemission

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