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NFP is all fun and games until your husband tries to teach you Canasta

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

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Couples who are using NFP to avoid pregnancy are familiar with the idea that you need to find selfless ways of showing affection for each other during times of fertility. This might mean the husband doubles-down on how often he washes the dishes, or the wife might offer to work on a project with her husband (without complaining!). You need to find what works for you as a couple, but I will offer one fun idea: board games!

My husband and I have found that during those times in life where abstinence has been the chosen option, an intense strategy board game session can really bring out the passion in both of us: nothing like some healthy competition to channel that procreative energy!

Over time I’ve learned, though, that I can’t play any games that I will certainly lose. If my husband has played a game before and is teaching it to me, I will flat out refuse for one reason: I am a very sore loser. It’s really the only loving thing for me to do, because the bitterness of losing would just be too much to put on my poor husband.

Consequently, I will always accept new board game recommendations! If it’s totally new and just invented, even better, because then my husband will have no advantage whatsoever!

Interested in trying out a new game? Try this recommendation:

(image links to purchase from Amazon)

Giovanni and I come back to Kingdomino over and over for its simplicity and challenge. Two-player strategy games that are actually fun can be hard to find, but this one certainly does not disappoint. There are even expansion packs to make it more complex for those long stretches of abstinence that can happen from time to time.

Enjoy, and happy NFP week!

Share your own fertile-window-board-game recommendations with us!


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