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Starting the Marquette Method Amid the Great Test Supply Shortage

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Have you been looking into the Marquette Method for a while, only to find out that the testing supplies that help make the method so effective are nowhere to be found? As it turns out, the test sticks and monitors are being produced at a normal pace, but there are challenges down the supply chain as retailers prioritize which items they are selling. Unfortunately, since fertility awareness methods for pregnancy prevention have only recently been recognized for their high effectiveness, the tools required for their effective use have not yet been deemed “essential.” Before we get all angst-y about this, though, let’s take a minute to look on the bright side: an opportunity for creativity and supportive community!

We want to help you learn and use this method effectively without the barrier of lack of access to testing supplies. We have the hope that this supply issue is temporary, and anyway, this pandemic is stressful enough without worrying about whether or not you’ll be able to successfully plan out your next pregnancy. So let's de-stress, and go over a few ideas to help you get started with the Marquette Method and overcome the apparent challenge of acquiring test supplies:

Ask a friend who uses the method where they have been finding test sticks Current users of the Marquette Method have been having great success purchasing the test sticks from Amazon using the Dash Button and Subscribe and Save. If you’ve ever ordered the test sticks from their site, you can find your Dash Buttons and do a 1-click order, usually at a reasonably low price. I recently purchased a box for under $30 with this hack! If you haven’t personally ordered the test sticks from their website before, you might have a friend who has, and who would be willing to arrange an order on your behalf. This is a great opportunity to help others if you happen to be the one with the Dash Button option!

Set up alerts through websites

Walmart has been stocking the testing supplies intermittently, and they have an option to send you an alert when they are back in stock. They sell out fast, so be sure to check in right away! Be cautious which sites you try to purchase through, though. If the site is unfamiliar, it might not be authentic, and you may never receive those test sticks. Ask your instructor where to find the supplies I have been working with my clients to find test sticks at fair prices, and am willing to use my own Dash Button hack if necessary. While I can’t help the whole world with this option (how I wish I could!), I know many instructors would be willing to do this for their couples as well. It never hurts to ask!

Discuss alternate testing options One of the awesome benefits of the Marquette Method is its flexibility. For women in regular cycles, there are some very simple adjustments that can be made with alternative hormonal monitoring tools, such as LH tests or progesterone tests, or even charting cervical mucus or temperatures. Ask your instructor if he or she can guide you on this!

Be patient It’s our understanding that this supply issue is NOT PERMANENT! You will be able to find test supplies again without all of the hoop-jumping. Additionally, we have the future of NFP to look forward to, with new hormonal monitoring devices being researched, such as the Premom quantitative LH tests, and the Mira monitor (which will be adding estrogen testing in the next few months!).

Take care of your health, get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet, get out in the sun, and don’t stress. We’re healthcare professionals, and we genuinely care about your health. We want you to have access to a highly effective method of natural family planning without difficulty!

And as my husband so aptly put it, we will navigate these uncharted waters together (#NFPjokes). Have questions? Contact us at Whole Mission: To find a class visit:

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