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When should I take a natural family planning class?

Engaged couples find the most benefit when taking a class at least 6 months before their wedding date. That being said, you can learn and use the method even within a few days, so don't let a close wedding date stop you from signing up! If your parish requires a certificate of completion for an NFP class, we recommend taking the intro class at least 3 months before the wedding to allow time to complete the required follow-ups.

If you're currently pregnant, and plan to use the Marquette Method postpartum, we usually recommend signing up for a class about a month before the baby is due, if you'd like to prepare ahead of time. Most couples start charting around 6 weeks postpartum, so some couples prefer to wait to take the class until then. Follow-up is included with the intro class for at least 6 cycles or 1 year, whichever is later, so don't worry, we'll help you through the entire postpartum return of fertility, even if you take the class while pregnant!

Do you bill health insurance or accept payments from a healthshare?

We do not work directly with or bill health insurance or healthshare accounts, but upon request we will provide you with a detailed invoice which will include Tax IDs and medical codes. You can then submit this to your provider for a reimbursement.

Can I use an HSA/FSA to pay for a service?

Yes, we do accept payments through HSA/FSA. Check with your insurance provider that our services qualify, and then simply enter your HSA/FSA debit card information during checkout.

Do you offer discounts for families in need?

Yes! You can apply for financial assistance by filling out our application, and we should be able to help your family in some manner. You can find the application here.

Why has Whole Mission chosen to promote the Marquette Method?

Whole Mission has chosen to bring together Marquette Method instructors as a collaborative effort to continue to provide classes and support research based in our common professional training. The Institute for Natural Family Planning at Marquette University has demonstrated a passion for conducting up-to-date research and encouraging the medical community in regards to evidence-based fertility awareness, and we desire that this work be continued and expanded.

How can I support Natural Family Planning through Whole Mission?

To find out how you can donate or help increase awareness of natural family planning, contact Giovanni:

What are the benefits of taking a class through Whole Mission?

All of our instructors are held accountable to the highest standards of education in the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning and have completed the teacher training program through the Marquette University Institute for Natural Family Planning (MUINFP). Our exclusive class materials, to which you'll have lifetime access, have been specifically developed with the client experience in mind and are continually reviewed for use with Marquette Method classes.

Should I choose a group class or an individual session?

Your own preferences will guide this decision. If you feel that you need specific guidance right away when getting started, or have many health issues, you would likely benefit from selecting the individual session. Individual follow-up is included for the group class, so you will have opportunities to discuss personal questions with your instructor regardless of which option you choose. Additionally, some instructors only teach group classes, or only teach individually: if you would like a class with a specific teacher keep this in mind.

What response time can I expect from my instructor?

In general, we encourage a turn-around time for email questions of no more than 2 business days. Many instructors will reply to your question within 24 hours.

Do I have to use the fertility monitor to use the Marquette method?

No. The Marquette Method has effective instructions apart from using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, and you will learn these instructions in the class. The Marquette Method can be individualized to fit your lifestyle and your budget.

Which fertility monitors are used with the Marquette Method?

The effectiveness studies on the Marquette Method were conducted using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor (analog and touchscreen models). This monitor detects estrogen and LH in the woman's urine sample to indicate fertility. Marquette Method instructors are trained on how to incorporate separate urine tests for LH and progesterone into NFP. Currently, research is underway using the Mira monitor, which provides quantitative measurements of hormones in urine samples. However, studies showing effectiveness statistics to avoid a pregnancy have not yet been published.

Can I use the Mira Fertility monitor with the Marquette Method?

Currently, we do not have any studies verifying the effectiveness of using the Mira fertility monitor for couples who are seeking to avoid pregnancy, but one comparative study between the Mira and Clearblue monitors as been published. There is currently a study with couples using Mira for NFP. We hope to have more data on this in the near future! Women who may benefit from obtaining quantitative hormone measurements with the Mira monitor are women with PCOS, irregular cycles, those in perimenopause, and postpartum women. It can also be used to help women in complex medical situations, such as women on chemotherapy, those with a history of high risk pregnancies, and women whose medical provider has recommended their use of the Mira monitor. Couples who decide to test their hormones using the Mira monitor should work closely with a Mira-experienced instructor.

Is the Marquette Method Catholic?

The Marquette Method is a form of natural family planning, and is approved by the Catholic Church for use by Catholic married couples to avoid or achieve pregnancy. While some Catholic teaching is discussed during the classes, you do not have to be Catholic to use the Marquette Method. Contraceptive behaviors such as using barriers or withdrawal are not a part of natural family planning and will never be encouraged from a Marquette Method healthcare professional.

Is Whole Mission affiliated with Marquette University?

While we are a group of Marquette Method instructors, Whole Mission is currently a privately owned entity with no financial or contractual ties to Marquette University or the Institute for Natural Family Planning.

Which standards guide Marquette Method classes?

Marquette Method healthcare professionals are guided in their practice by the USCCB guidelines for diocesan NFP teachers, which can be found here: USCCB NFP Standards

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