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Mira Clearblue monitor and NFP chart

See if the Mira device is right for you. We want you to be fully informed before trying out new technology for family planning!

New Technology

The Marquette Method has evidence-based and established protocols using mucus observations and/or the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, and we recommend our standard Marquette Method class for most couples. The healthcare and research behind the development of the Marquette Method protocols, however, gives us room to learn more. We’re excited that new case studies and research are giving good evidence for use of the Mira Analyzer as a tool to support couples using Natural Family Planning.  We know that technology is continually improving, and fertility awareness technology is not outside of these advancements!

It is very important to note that we do not have effectiveness data for couples trying to avoid pregnancy while using the Mira monitor to identify the fertile window.

For more in-depth information on the Mira Analyzer vs the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, and if using the Mira in combination with the Marquette Method will be a good fit for you, please check out our Mira FAQ below.

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All Marquette Method instructors are licensed healthcare professionals, and have completed the teacher training program through the Marquette University Institute for Natural Family Planning. Some Marquette Method instructors have further specialized their practice to include instruction with the Mira monitor, and you can find their classes below. When you register for this class, you acknowledge that the Mira monitor is new technology that is still being researched for effectiveness for avoiding pregnancy.

Online classes are conducted through a secure video meeting platform. All class options include individual follow-up for a minimum of 1 full year, and lifetime access to online course documents is included. Fertility testing supplies are not included.

To find a class in the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning using the researched protocols with the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, visit our Learn page.

Not sure which class is right for you? Contact us!


MMNFP + Mira
Individual Intro Class


Meet with your instructor one-on-one and review the specific protocols for your unique situation, with included instruction in the use of the Mira device. This class includes the Marquette Method introductory class content and, if needed, marriage preparation, and is ideal for women and couples that are new to Natural Family Planning as well as those who are experienced in one or more methods of NFP. Follow-up meetings will be scheduled depending on your needs.
Class time: 60-90 minutes


MMNFP + Mira
Ongoing Consultation


Ongoing consultation is available for current or past users of the Marquette Method who have had formal instruction and are looking for ongoing support with the Mira device. This includes an initial educational session and unlimited follow-up for 1 year. This option is reserved for clients who learned the Marquette Method through Whole Mission or another approved Marquette Method instructor. You may be asked to provide proof of previous instruction prior to meeting with your instructor.

mira classes


Can I use the Mira monitor and still use the Marquette Method of NFP?

Yes, Marquette Method Instructors are licensed healthcare professionals who can help you track and interpret your hormones using the Mira monitor. However, not all Marquette Method Instructors have received training on utilizing the Mira monitor. All of the instructors listed in the Mira class schedules are experienced with Mira.

What is the difference between the Clearblue Fertility Monitor and the Mira monitor?

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor tracks estrogen and luteinizing hormone (LH) to provide three levels of fertility: low, high, or peak based on threshold levels of fertility hormones while the Mira monitor measures quantitative amounts of these hormones and provides a number value per measurement. The Mira monitor can measure estrogen, LH, progesterone, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and soon human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).

Which Mira wands (test strips) should I use?

Due to the  ability to personalize testing and the more detailed approach of the Mira monitor, you will meet with your instructor to discuss your situation and which wands would be best for you.

How much does the Mira monitor cost compared to the Clearblue Fertility Monitor?

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor is approximately $120 new and $50-$100 used. The Mira monitor is $160-180 new and $50-$150 used. Be aware that Mira does not recommend using a “used” monitor. At this time, it is recommended to use the Mira monitor in conjunction with the current Marquette Method instructions, which should be considered when evaluating the cost.

How much does the Mira monitor wands cost compared to the Clearblue Fertility Monitor test strips?

Mira wands prices vary from $3.25-$4.45/each depending on the specific type of wands. Clearblue fertility test strips cost approximately $1.50/each. In general, testing with the Mira monitor will cost two to three times more than testing with the Clearblue Fertility Monitor.

Which monitor will be better for me, the Mira or the Clearblue Fertility Monitor?

Tracking your hormones using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor is an evidence-based published method for fertility tracking established by researchers at the Marquette University Institute of Natural Family Planning (MU-INFP). The information obtained from the Mira monitor is promising but has not been extensively researched compared to the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, and we are aware of ethical dilemmas associated withe the Mira company that need to be weighed before choosing the Mira monitor.* There are studies currently being completed using the Mira monitor with hopes to publish official protocols in the future. Women who may benefit from obtaining quantitative (number) hormone measurements with the Mira monitor are women with PCOS, irregular cycles, those in perimenopause and postpartum women. The Mira can also be used to help women in complex medical situations, such as women on chemotherapy, those with a history of high risk pregnancies, and women whose medical provider has recommended their use of the Mira monitor.  At this time we recommend consulting with a Marquette Method instructor before purchasing the Mira monitor. Contact us here.

I noticed the Mira specific classes through Whole Mission are more expensive than the standard Marquette Method classes, why is that?

The data obtained from Mira is more in-depth and specific to each person, requiring additional time for the instructor to review. Additionally, those using Mira are often in unique and complicated situations that require additional support and follow-up with the instructor. 

*A Note on Mira:

We are aware that Mira as a company has shown support for practices and behaviors that are contrary to Catholic teaching. We strongly disagree with those views, and only recommend the use of the Mira monitor for use in Natural Family Planning, while preserving the natural fertility of the man and woman. We are opposed to ART/IVF and any behaviors and actions that do not respect the inherent dignity of persons and honor the unitive and procreative nature of intercourse, and further reject those behaviors and actions that do not honor the gift of marriage between one man and one woman. (See the Catechism of the Catholic Church 2376, 2377, and 2357). Read more about our Catholic Values here.

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