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We use Google Meet to present the information. When you enter the meeting using a Gmail account your full name will be visible to other attendees of the meeting. If you are not logged-in to a Gmail account and are using an incognito window, only the nickname you choose will be displayed (see below for instructions). Up to six (6) couples will be in attendance along with your instructor. Your contact information is not visible within the meeting. Any questions asked during the meeting will be accessible by other attendees. While the presentation is ongoing, you can pin the presentation to your screen so if others ask a question you will not be directed away from the presentation. It is a live meeting and others can hear and see you if you have not muted your microphone or disabled your video.


As a participant in the meeting, you agree:

  • to be courteous to other attendees and ask relevant questions as appropriate.

  • to not screenshot or otherwise record (video or audio) any portion of the meeting: the presentations will be accessible to you in the course documents.

  • to not share any information about the other couples in attendance. This works much like a group counseling session: what is shared in the group stays within the group.

  • that your instructor is not responsible for the behavior of the persons attending the meeting, and you will not hold him/her liable for any breaches in this contract by you or other attendees of the meeting


Participation in the class is optional. Some measures you can take if you prefer to remain anonymous during the meeting:

  • Join the meeting from an “incognito” window in Google Chrome and choose your own nickname (ideally your first and last initials so your instructor knows who is in the meeting). This only works from a computer, and is not an option from a tablet or smartphone.

    • Make sure you are not logged-in to Gmail in the incognito window, and copy and paste the meeting link into the browser to join anonymously.

    • Alternatively, you can right-click on the meeting link and choose “open link in incognito window.”

  • Turn off or unplug your webcam. You can disable video before entering the meeting.

  • Mute your speaker. You can mute your microphone before entering the meeting.


You can view your meeting settings for video and audio before requesting access to the meeting.


If you would like to know other ways we work to protect your privacy, or if you have questions about this disclosure, you can contact Giovanni at:

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