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To provide unified, accessible, and seamless services for natural family planning and lactation education to women and families, and to be a leader in supporting research and advancing professionalism among natural family planning educators and lactation consultants.


Humanae Vitae placed forth specific calls to many people of the Church. Our values and goals in our initial development of Whole Mission were built upon these calls. You can read Humanae Vitae  here.


We gratefully look to Sacred Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and Catholic Encyclicals to continually develop our mission, vision and values as we provide more resources for families.


Response to Humanae Vitae §24

To provide truly clear and secure methods of pregnancy spacing, adequate research needs to be conducted and updated. This research should be conducted with moral vigor, ethical approaches, and truly scientific methods that will uphold peer-review and professional scrutiny. A portion of Whole Mission’s revenue will be used to support and encourage research, especially in regards to high-quality effectiveness studies on natural family planning. Further, we will help recruit participants for research studies and provide statistical data as appropriate within ethical standards, always maintaining the right to privacy.


Response to Humanae Vitae §26

In founding this work, we, the owners of Whole Mission, recognize our highest call and vocation is to love God and be in union with him eternally. Our next vocation is as spouses, then as parents, to bring about the love of God within the world through our love. Through the work of Whole Mission, we aim to demonstrate the fruits of God working within our marriage and family, and bring the joy and peace of that love to others.


Response to Humanae Vitae §27

We desire to keep God’s will at the forefront in all facets of life, including practice of profession as licensed healthcare professionals. By encouraging the advancement of education among healthcare professionals in teaching the Marquette Method, and by providing the technological and business support to make the work of education simpler, we aim to give healthcare professionals the opportunity to focus on how they can fulfill the call to serve others within God’s plan for the human person.


Response to Humanae Vitae §29

Without holy priests, faithful to the call of their office, married couples would lack the greatest spiritual support available as faithful Catholics. As part of our services, we will provide opportunities for Marquette Method instructors to work with the clergy and lay ministers to advance their knowledge of the importance of supporting married couples in their vocation. In sharing knowledge of evidence-based methods of natural family planning with spiritual leaders, spouses can be better supported by the clergy in fulfilling God’s plan for marriage with confidence.


Response to Humanae Vitae §31

After being given the blessing and graces to embark on this mission, we joyfully and faithfully continue to move forward in the promotion and advancement of natural family planning to support the family. Marriage is an evangelization of the love of God, and we desire that married couples have the strength and encouragement to live their call to love faithfully. We hope to equip married couples with the secure knowledge of natural family planning and to make it easier to access and learn a highly-effective method. Further, in providing spiritual growth opportunities for instructors, we will help them grow in the awareness of the graces accessible to them to continue this important ministry.

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