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It's Not About You

During the past few months the words, “It’s not about you” have been echoed through the Vitale house. It is our latest mantra which has really steeped our spiritual life. These few words are a frequent reminder that what we do is not about us but the other. I see them as a new way of repeating John the Baptist’s words, “He must increase, I must decrease.”

Whole Mission is not about the Vitales. It is about the other. It is about being generous with what we have been given and laying our loaves and fishes at the feet of Christ. Whole Mission is about the couples who need a reliable method of fertility awareness. It is about the instructors and giving them the tools they need to teach, and highlighting all their work for the church and community. It is about the researchers at Marquette University, who continue to study and research fertility awareness. It is about you, and how you can make a free, total, faithful and fruitful gift of your life.

When we gaze at our own beauty and accomplishments we will surely trip over our own feet and fall. But when the focus is on the other we can see clearly and provide for their needs. Today at mass I was moved by the image of Divine Mercy, with Christ pointing at himself telling us that it is not about us, but Him. Look to Him and his heart full of love and mercy. He will reveal to you that it is not about you, but about what He can do through you.


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