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Expecting? We are too!

Whole Mission is excited to launch lactation education and support! Our new lactation class will prepare you to confidently breastfeed your baby.

The class is unique in its focus on breastfeeding education and support through a Catholic context. Not only does the class include information about the benefits of breastfeeding to mom and baby, and tips about how to get started with your breastfeeding journey -- it also frames this information in the context of the Theology of the Body. We will share tips and insights to get you started on breastfeeding, covering information on latching and positioning techniques and how to overcome some common breastfeeding challenges.

The class will also provide information to accompany you throughout your breastfeeding journey, from pumping and storing breastmilk, nutrition for breastfeeding mothers, starting solids for your baby, and the weaning process.

The course shares some brief information about breastfeeding and the return of fertility, but for more information and support on using the Marquette Method for family planning during the postpartum phase sign up for a NFP class here if you are interested.

By registering for a breastfeeding class through Whole Mission, we will also provide you with the opportunity for one-on-one lactation support via two additional virtual education consult appointments from a lactation professional.

The classes we offer can be a good fit for mothers who are currently expecting, or those who are already postpartum!

We are excited to support you on your breastfeeding journey!

You can find out more about this offering, and sign up for your class here:


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